How To Deal With Stressful Situations

How To Deal With Stressful Situations

Stress is all around us. It’s inevitable that, as humans, we will deal with stress at some point in our lives, if not on a daily basis. The key is figuring out how to deal with stressful situations in a quick and healthy way. Some people exercise, some drink, some eat…but what if a simple deep breathing exercise is the ticket to calming those nerves? Well, the Navy SEALs claim that “box breathing” is the way they get through some of their most nerve-racking situations. Click here to read about how to deal with stressful situations like a Navy SEAL.

Generate Leads from Your Blog

Generate Leads from Your Blog

Generate leads from your blog – novel concept! If you are one of the smart business owners (or work for one) and you have instituted a blogging strategy to compliment your online marketing, congratulations on taking that important step in improving your online presence. Having a blog (and maintaining it) is a crucial element in any SEO strategy so the search engines see activity on your website and you appear “fresh”. It may take time for the benefits of blogging to become apparent and you might never be able to pin your successes down to blogging itself, but believe the SEO community when we tell you – it helps!

A way to see more of a direct benefit would be to generate leads from your blog. Websites are becoming lead capturing machines so adding this element to your blog is a no-brainer. You will regularly see contact forms and/or opt-in forms on Contact Us pages but not as often on Blogs. Why not? This is where a majority of your visitors spend their time so utilize it wisely. Click here to get tips on how to generate leads from your blog.

cutting travel time

Cutting Travel Time In Half with Supersonic Aircraft

In 6 years or less, for the price of a regular business class ticket, you could be traveling from Los Angeles to New York in 2.5 hours. The aircraft producer, Boom Technologies, is developing supersonic aircraft that will revolutionize business travel by cutting travel time in half. With NASA’s assistance, Boom is working out the kinks – like making the sonic boom bearable to those on board. So far, the newest model, will cut the noise by 40%, making it less shocking for the travelers. One of the biggest complaints of business travelers is travel time so if you prioritize cutting travel time over things like private charter options, then get ready! Click here to read more.


The Key to Recontacting Leads

The Key to Recontacting Leads

Is your sales team notorious for calling a lead one time and then moving on? Does it sometimes take up to 24 hours to respond to a generated lead? Are you only allowing your sales team to make calls or can they drop an email, too? The key to recontacting leads is a four prong approach incorporating timing of response (i.e. how quickly to respond), increasing call attempts, timing of calls (i.e. when to call) and incorporating other means of contact. The results of the Velocify Ultimate Contact Strategy study are good reminders of how to treat our generated leads. From calling a lead 6 times to responding to a lead within one minute of lead generation, the key to recontacting leads might revolutionize your sales process and your sales numbers. Click here for the results.



sales stories

Sales Stories That Work

Using sales stories is straight out of Business Sales 101. Whether fact or fiction, salespeople are constantly throwing out sales stories from the moment they say hello to their final goodbye. Anything to get the sale, right? Well, according to Paul Andrew Smith, there is a science when using storytelling. He diverges from other, more common rules of thumb that say the key to storytelling is “the structure of a great story, or how to use emotion and surprise properly, or even how to deliver your story in front of an audience”. Smith claims that the most important part of telling sales stories is knowing when to tell it and picking the right story to tell. He did his research and has some solid advice. Click here to read more.



how start-ups succeed

How Start-Ups Succeed

Want to know how start-ups succeed? The infamous Tony Robbins claims that instead of falling so passionately in love with your product, it’s falling in love with your customer that launches you on the road to success. He says most start-up business owners focus too heavily on perfecting their product and forget the importance of knowing their customer inside and out. Finding an “irresistible offer” doesn’t hurt either. Click here to read more about how start-ups succeed.

Goodbye Dodd Frank

Goodbye Dodd Frank, You’re a “Disaster”

Goodbye Dodd Frank! Tight regulations put in place as a result of the 2008 crash have required firms to undergo a laundry list of new regulatory exams and cut back their lucrative investments. Regulations were a means to bounce back from the financial crisis but the Trump administration believes the Dodd Frank Act is a “disaster” and needs to be either scaled back significantly or completely rescinded. On Friday, it’s goodbye Dodd Frank and hello regulations relief across the board. Click here for more.

Simple Way to Close More Deals

Simple Way to Close More Deals

Looking for a simple way to close more deals? Seems too simple to be true but often times what you’re missing is actually asking for the sale. As Jeffrey Gitomer says, “many salespeople are “ask reluctant.” If this is you, just realize the worst that can happen when you ask is that the prospect says “no” — which to any good salesperson means “not yet!” Big deal. Ask you chicken!”

Prospects are used to salespeople dancing around the biggest closing questions so when they are faced with a more direct approach, you’d be surprised at their responses. Click here to read more about the simple way to close more deals.



Highly Productive People

Highly Productive People and their Habits

Ever wonder why you can’t seem to handle your day to day stress the way other, more highly productive people do? Do you forget meetings, forget to call people back, show up late and/or never seem to have time to fit in some much deserved “me time”? Luckily we have highly productive people writing blogs that give us some insight on how they do things. Join the highly productive people crowd by following these 6 essential tips. Click here to boost your productivity.

marketplace lending

Marketplace Lending – Why The Summer Slowdown Was Good

The summertime slowdown is sometimes detrimental for smaller lenders and brokers alike. Whether it’s family vacations or other summer distractions, one could hear a pin drop in many lending offices across the nation. Obviously, this is generally not a good sign for business…but could this be a good thing for “Marketplace Lending”? Click here to read how this summertime slowdown could benefit marketplace lending across the board.