sales blunders

How To Avoid Top Sales Blunders

How often do you offer up the pitch of a lifetime only to find out the person you pitched is simply the middle man? Or is your “playing hard to get” technique leaving you high and dry? Sales is no easy gig. Even the most seasoned of sales reps get caught in these and many more sales blunders. Alex Hisaka outlines the top 7 most common sales blunders in today’s modern times and offers up some helpful recommendations on how to avoid these sales blunders in the future. Click here to read more.



life lessons

Life Lessons to Live By

Always have fun. Be a cheerleader. Create memorable experiences. These are a few of the life lessons Jill Konrath collected from her husband’s legacy. A true inspiration, Fred Konrath lived life to the fullest and held himself and the people around him to a high regard. Going down memory lane, Jill outlines the 7 most important, most inspirational life lessons in a tribute to her late husband. Every once in a while, we all need a good read like this to start appreciating life and the little things a bit more. Click here for the article.



public speaking tips

Public Speaking Tips

Public speaking is never a walk in the park. Even the most experienced get butterflies every time. If it’s a part of your gig, then getting any public speaking tips would likely be appreciated. Public speaking expert and author, Kindra Hall, offers up her two cents about public speaking and how to grab the audience in the first 30 seconds. Her belief is that if you start with a story, you will immediately become accessible, relatable, and likeable. Whether it’s a personal story or not, choose one that you know your audience has experienced. It will not only warm up the audience but it will also calm your nerves and give you a better chance at winning over your critics. Read more about Hall’s public speaking tips by clicking here.



what motivates you

What Motivates You?

Need a little guidance on figuring out what motivates you? Finding it easier to hit snooze than to get that workout in before work? You’re not alone. Sales training guru, Justin Benton, offers some simple steps to kick-start those goals and maintain your motivation throughout the day. From sticky notes on your computer to reminders on your phone, setting goals and keeping them in front of you as reminders is a simple, yet effective way to stay motivated. Click here to read more.



Hiring Great Salespeople

Hiring Great Salespeople

Hiring great salespeople is a slippery slope. If we could just crack the code and find out what exact characteristics produce ideal salespeople, HR would be on Cloud 9. But the reality is that there is no secret formula. So, what does Jeffrey Gitomer say about hiring great salespeople? He says you hire for character, attitude and work ethic. Hiring for skills without a focus on character will lead to quick turnaround. You can always teach skills…you cannot teach good character. Click here for more.



How Much is Your Time Worth?

How Much is Your Time Worth?

Ever think about the question, “how much is your time worth?” Grant Cardone breaks it down to the second. He says you should actually do the math to see how much your time is worth and then set realistic goals on where you want to be and what you need to do to achieve them. When you start focusing on how much your time is worth, you start realizing how much of it is wasted on things like TV, email, social media and the like. Click here to read more.


asking powerful questions

Asking Powerful Questions – Jeffrey Gitomer

Asking powerful questions is not only to find out more about your prospect, but mainly to build trust, claims Jeffrey Gitomer. The more thought provoking the questions, the higher respect and trust the prospect will have for you. This respect and trust will gain you invaluable insight into the buying process on their end. Gitomer claims they will, in turn, share truths with you that will help you immensely when closing the deal. But first, they need to trust you and asking powerful questions is key to building this trust. They are qualifying you more than you are qualifying them. Sell them on YES! Click on the link below for more.


choose your response

Choose Your Response, Choose Your Attitude

Choose Your Response, Choose Your Attitude…if we could only remember this in the moment! Having a positive attitude and being able to choose to respond in a healthy, positive way is not only the key to success, but also the key to personal growth. From self-actualization to the “fake it to you make it” technique, sales training guru, Justin Benton outlines a laundry list of helpful guidelines when dealing with the ups and downs in life. He claims that when adversity strikes, it’s your response that makes you or breaks you. You have power over this response and the attitude that comes with it. Click here for more.



Raise Entrepreneurial Children

Tony Robbins on How to Raise Entrepreneurial Children

Interested in knowing how to raise entrepreneurial children? Well, internationally acclaimed businessman, author, and philanthropist Tony Robbins says don’t tell them how perfect they are! Giving your children accolades is important, but instead of focusing on how smart and pretty and strong they are, focus your praise on their persistence, their determination or the fact that they never gave up. Telling them they are the smartest in the class might feel good in the moment but when it comes down to it, there is an insane amount of pressure they will feel to maintain that level of “smart”. The real world is rough and won’t treat them like their parents did so prepare them by focusing on pushing themselves so they continue to persevere. This will help them for their entire life. Click here to see Tony Robbins explain how to raise entrepreneurial children.

Overcoming Sales Roadblocks

Overcoming Sales Roadblocks – Jeffrey Gitomer

Overcoming sales roadblocks is a masterful art. No matter how good you think your sales pitch is, you will inevitably hear “I want to think about it” at some point in your career. Maybe more often than not. What went wrong? How do you move forward from here?

The internationally renown sales guru, Jeffrey Gitomer, offers up some quality advice for why and when you come into the “I want to think about it” roadblock. Overcoming this obstacle is not impossible. Click on the image below for the video.