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The Latest in the Fintech World

Times are changing. Getting a loan isn’t about walking down to your local bank anymore. With strict bank regulations, it’s likely you won’t be approved anyway unless you have stellar credit and a nice looking bank account. The most common way business owners are looking for loans is by going online – isn’t that how we find everything these days? The Fintech world is taking the lending world by storm. Joe Shmo in Maine goes online to LendingClub’s website and quickly gets a $1000 loan through it’s affiliate in Utah…our world is connected and this means big changes in the financial arena. Click here to read more.

Highly Productive People

Highly Productive People and their Habits

Ever wonder why you can’t seem to handle your day to day stress the way other, more highly productive people do? Do you forget meetings, forget to call people back, show up late and/or never seem to have time to fit in some much deserved “me time”? Luckily we have highly productive people writing blogs that give us some insight on how they do things. Join the highly productive people crowd by following these 6 essential tips. Click here to boost your productivity.

marketplace lending

Marketplace Lending – Why The Summer Slowdown Was Good

The summertime slowdown is sometimes detrimental for smaller lenders and brokers alike. Whether it’s family vacations or other summer distractions, one could hear a pin drop in many lending offices across the nation. Obviously, this is generally not a good sign for business…but could this be a good thing for “Marketplace Lending”? Click here to read how this summertime slowdown could benefit marketplace lending across the board.

how do successful people spend their weekend

How do Successful People Spend Their Weekend?

How do you spend your weekend? Lots of sleeping in? Catching up on that long honey-do list? Well, you might be missing the boat. According to this author, along with co-founder of and CEO of Zillow, Spencer Rascoff, there are some sure-fire ways to make your weekend more productive and set you up for a successful week ahead. How do successful people spend their weekend? Click here to find out.



Make LinkedIn Work for Your Company

Make LinkedIn Work for Your Company

It’s no secret…LinkedIn is the top professional social media outlet and is one of the leading social media networks overall. If you know how to use it, LinkedIn can be a major, FREE lead generator for your company. But how do you make LinkedIn work for your company? Take some tips from our friends from HubSpot and start making LinkedIn a leading source of leads and networking opportunities for your company. Click here to read more.

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