Alternative Loan Options

Are Banks Suffering from Alternative Loan Options?

Should the banks fear what’s happening in the FinTech arena? What is the future of big banks in this ever-changing, technology-driven world of financial services? Are we really moving towards a full service “bank in an app?” Click here to see if banks are suffering from alternative loan options.


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free marketing tips online

Free Marketing Tips Online

Ever wonder what free tools are out there that could help boost your sales and improve your marketing efforts? Well, look no further! Lenders Marketing has done it again. Click here for some free marketing tips online that will actually help your business thrive.


Silicon Valley’s Latest Push to Lobby for FinTech

Ever wonder how Silicon Valley is influencing FinTech in Washington? How much influence could Google, Apple, Amazon, PayPal, and Intuit have when they combine forces? Probably a significant amount and they are coming together in an effort to use technology to improve the FinTech world. This includes increasing access to loans by small businesses – never a bad thing.  Click here to read about Silicon Valley’s latest push to lobby for FinTech.


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