what people are doing online

What People are Doing Online Every Minute

Our borderline addiction to the internet is somewhat discouraging to many parents but can mean megabucks to an online business – especially those who are riding the social media marketing train. Ever wonder how many YouTube videos are streamed or how many Tweets are tweeted every day? How about every minute? Click here to see the infographic that shows us what people are doing online every minute.

God Bless The Online Lenders

God Bless The Online Lenders

“God bless the online lenders”…How nice to hear some appreciation for our industry from Congressman David Scott. The fact is that businesses need loans and banks aren’t lending to most of the companies who need it most. So, yes, our industry is crucial for the economy but it’s attracting much attention from congress and is facing some unappealing regulations. Click here to read more.


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how to make twitter work for you

How to Make Twitter Work for You

Twitter is one of the most active social media sites for celebrities and businesses alike. In this public forum, businesses run the risk of unhappy customers posting negative comments, but the benefits prevail if you know what you’re doing. Click here to read how to make Twitter work for you.

Make The Most of Your Content

Make The Most of Your Content

If you follow the current trends in search engine optimization, you know that generating unique content for your website is key to being found in the search results. Companies spend more time, energy and money than ever creating unique content but how can you make the most of your content? Click here for some great ideas on how to repurpose your content.


leads vs lists

Leads vs Lists – What Are You Buying?

It’s imperative to be clear on what you are buying when it comes to marketing data. Most lenders know how much it costs to generate their own leads so even if a lead company is “better” at generating leads than you, at least you understand about how much you should be paying per lead. If the lead cost is significantly less, be skeptical, unless the marketing company reveals that the leads are not exclusive. At Lenders Marketing, we are 100% transparent with our product. We know our product works and we don’t have to pretend to be selling something we aren’t in order to get the sale. Click here to read more about leads vs lists.


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future of small business loans

Are More Small Business Loans in Our Future?

There has been an unfortunate standstill in lending to small businesses since the 2008 economic crisis. Since 99.7% of businesses in the US are considered small businesses, this is a problem. Hence, the up-rise of the alternative lending world. How does the future of small business lending look? Click here to find out if there are more small business loans in our future.

Direct Mail Marketing Works in Alternative Lending

Direct Mail Marketing Works in Alternative Lending

It’s always nice to see an article in the Wall Street Journal that confirms what you have been saying all along. Direct mail marketing is not dead and is, in fact, the go-to marketing method for the biggest lenders in the alternative lending sphere. Trumping email marketing and social media marketing, direct mail marketing works in alternative lending because it has become more high-tech and targeted over the years. The numbers do not lie. Click here to read the details.