does personality type define your career

Does Personality Type Define Your Career?

We’ve all taken them. Personality tests that define who you are, even at a subconscious level. But how do those results apply to your career decisions? Well, Truity, a firm that specializes in scientific personality assessments, explains the common personality types and which careers are best for each in a helpful Infographic. Click here to find out what personality type you are and what your corresponding career choice should be. Does personality type define your career? Let us know!


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red tape is making lending harder

Red Tape is Making Lending Harder

With all of the regulations instituted after the financial crisis, banks and alternative lenders have major concerns about how regulations have been detrimental to their lending operations. With some struggling to make ends meet and others closing their doors entirely, Dodd-Frank has not made it easier on community banks and lenders, it has increased their costs across the board. Click here to read the latest on how red tape is making lending harder.


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professional speaking habits

Professional Speaking Habits Required

Do you ever listen to yourself speaking to someone at work and want to turn back time and try again? The way you speak in a professional setting can mean the difference between closing the deal and never hearing from them again. Not having professional speaking habits might be just the thing that’s holding you back. Click here to find out 17 unprofessional speaking habits you’ll want to avoid.


Alternative Lending Invades Australia

Though the financial market down under is different from the US market in many respects, one thing remains the same – small businesses are getting denied funding from the 4 major banks and these businesses still need capital! Alternative lending is picking up speed in the Australian market and US lenders are watching. With Kabbage and OnDeck blazing the trail, what opportunities are they finding and will this be as lucrative a market as the US? Click here to read more about how alternative lending invades Australia.

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MCA Loans

Do MCA Loans Deserve a Bad Rap? Maybe Not!

As with any exorbitant interest rate loan, MCA Loans have received a bad rap in the alternative lending arena. But what happens when a company doesn’t qualify for a traditional loan and they need cash immediately? What happens when a company cannot commit to a minimum payment on principal plus interest each month because sales fluctuate? Merchant Cash Advance Loans might be the saving grace a company is searching for when banks say “No”. Click here to read more.


Breaking Through the Proverbial Glass Ceiling

In our industry, it’s imperative to constantly push the boundaries of traditional marketing, to always stay on the quest to find the latest and greatest product for our loyal clients and to remain the pioneers in the business loan data industry by providing what no other data provider can offer. We always find it refreshing to see other companies on the same page. ESPN has given local reporter, Jessica Mendoza, an opportunity to break through the proverbial glass ceiling of a male-dominated sphere of calling or analyzing games. Click here to read more about this ground-breaking opportunity and how Mendoza essentially hit it out of the park!