Most Expensive Keywords on Google

Most Expensive Keywords on Google

Ever wonder what Google gets per click for their most expensive keywords? If you’ve played the CPC game you know that one CLICK can often cost more than you’re willing to pay per LEAD. Some industries might have it worse than you! Click here to read more about the most expensive keywords on Google.


5 Characteristics of a Great Sales Person

Building a sales team but your sales numbers aren’t looking so hot? It might be time to rethink your hiring techniques. HR can fall into a stereotyping rut that might not bring in the best prospects for your sales team. There are some fundamental characteristics of a sales person that goes beyond their appearance or how outgoing they are. Click here to read this author’s thoughts on the 5 characteristics of a great sales person.


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do's and don'ts of telemarketing

The Do’s and Don’ts of Telemarketing

Let’s face it – in most industries, telemarketing has a bad rap. Calling a business or individual unannounced can be a rough way to introduce your product or service, even if you are selling water to a drought-stricken village. But, there are ways to and ways not to conduct telemarketing that can make or break your efforts. Click here to read this author’s take on the do’s and don’ts of telemarketing.


10 Strategies Successful People Use to Beat Stress

10 Strategies Successful People Use to Beat Stress

With work comes stress. It’s almost inevitable that people deal with anxiety and stress in their work environment – it’s how they deal with the stress that can often define their overall success at work. Are you part of the “Empowered” group or do you subscribe to more of a “Forrest Gump approach”? Click here to read this author’s take on how to beat stress and stay calm when the pressure is on.


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6 Steps to Ensure Inbound Marketing Success

Combined with your outbound marketing efforts, it’s imperative to include a variety of inbound marketing tactics to set yourself up to be found by online searchers looking for your products and services. From social media to website optimization, content marketing to PR, keyword research to brand marketing, inbound marketing is a collaborative effort that much be implemented in a strategic manner. Click here to read this author’s 6 steps to ensure inbound marketing success.